Continuous improvement of our websites

The ZSA website, and the ZSA Resources site connected to it, have been developed with continuous involvement of people who use it. From the beginning we have been passionate about hearing your thoughts and adapting what we have on offer to make sure it is working for you. 

As well as our ongoing engagement with stakeholders from across regions and special interest groups we also have opportunities to take feedback on our website from users as you are here and engaging with the content. 

You might have noticed we have Hotjar enabled, this allows you to leave quantitative and qualitative feedback easily on each and every page. Beyond this we are periodically offering more detailed surveys like the one below which help us understand how we are doing, and what you think about our future plans! 

If you can spare it please take 5 minutes and complete our anonymous survey below, and help us do more, be better and ultimately help save lives.